Refund Policy

Registrants of LAT Seminars may transfer their individual registrations for our sales tax courses and franchise tax courses to colleagues or friends at any time free of additional charge. In addition, registrants may request a full refund if circumstances arise that will prevent them from being able to attend. Please direct all requests to transfer or refund registrations to help@lat-seminars.com.


Cancellation Policy

Occasionally, LAT Seminars may need to cancel a seminar due to unforeseen circumstances or low registration. In such instances, all registrants will be notified immediately by email and all registration fees will be refunded in full.


Complaint Resolution Policy

To register a complaint or suggestion, please contact LAT Seminars at help@lat-seminars.com or (855) 829-2527. Alternatively, you may mail a written complaint or suggestion to:

LAT Seminars

816 Congress Avenue

Suite 1500

Austin, TX 78701

Please include the following information when registering a complaint or suggestion:

  • Your contact information; and
  • The topic and date of the seminar you attended, if applicable.

We will respond to your complaint or suggestion within thirty (30) days and make every effort to reach a resolution.