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Tim Van Valen

Attorney  │  Askew & Mazel

Tim Van Valen is an attorney with Askew & Mazel, LLC. Mr. Van Valen’s practice is primarily devoted to representation of large multijurisdictional businesses based in other states or countries with New Mexico tax concerns. Frequent subject matters include corporate income tax, New Mexico’s gross receipts, compensating taxes (transactional taxes), property tax, severance taxes, state and federal statutory and constitutional limitations on the authority of New Mexico to impose taxes. He has also addressed federal constitutional and statutory limitations on state and tribal taxing jurisdiction on Indian lands.

In recent years, his practice has primarily been litigation against the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and local governments on behalf of businesses in administrative protests, trial courts and appellate courts. He also has extensive experience in addressing clients’ concerns with tax planning, tax incentives, audits, assessments, claims for refund, and administrative matters such as revenue rulings and issuance of regulations. Mr. Van Valen has drafted tax legislation for clients, as well as testified before legislative committees and provided bill analyses during and after legislative sessions.

He authors several New Mexico deskbooks published by the ABA, including the ones for Property Tax and Sales & Use Tax. He is the former Tax Committee Chair of the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association. Mr. Van Valen assists his clients with state tax planning and incentives, revenue rulings and regulations, audits, refund claims and administrative and judicial litigation. He drafts New Mexico legislation and testifies for clients before legislative committees. He is licensed to practice in all of the New Mexico state courts, before the U.S. Supreme Court, the 10th Circuit, the U.S. Tax Court, the Federal District Court for the District of New Mexico. He writes and speaks frequently on New Mexico tax issues to professional and civic organizations and seminars.

Mr. Van Valen may be contacted at or by phone at (505) 433-3097.