Texas Sales Tax for the Construction Industry Course

Attend this session to learn how the Texas sales tax rules apply to all aspects of residential and commercial construction work. We address contract pricing issues, new construction, remodeling, repair and maintenance. We'll also cover issues arising with dedicated improvements, common areas, erosion control measures, and tax-exempt jobs. We’ll also briefly discuss the TERP, motor vehicle sales tax, and motor fuels tax issues.

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Start DateWhereVenuePriceRegister
4/25/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
5/16/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
6/6/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
6/27/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
7/18/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
8/8/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
8/29/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
9/19/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
10/10/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
10/31/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
11/21/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
12/12/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend