Texas Sales Tax for the High-Tech Industry

This 4-hour presentation discusses how the Texas sales tax rules apply in the confusing high tech world. We’ll address the prominent issues in software: writing code, modifying existing software, licensing to multi-state users, live and remote technical support, and troubleshooting. We’ll learn the details of Texas’s new theory under which Texas seeks to tax out-of-state software sellers who merely license software to Texas users. We’ll review the taxability of numerous IT services, internet advertising, website creation and maintenance, cloud computing and other tax-sensitive areas.

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4/23/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
5/14/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
6/4/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
6/25/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
7/16/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
8/6/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
8/27/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
9/17/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
10/8/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
10/29/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
11/19/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
12/10/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend
12/28/2018WebinarOnline $225.00Click Here to Attend